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'How to Find Home' Book Launch...

By Mahsuda, May 25 2019 07:59PM

It's hard to describe a book launch for your own book in your local libary with your best friends, family and members of the public filling the room. Someone described it to me as having a wedding for one, which is as scary as it sounds. Fortunately for me I had a lovely local student review the whole night for me in her blog. Thank you Alicja Walendziak, you did a fantastic job.

'How to Find Home' is offiically launced into the world! I hope you all enjoy it.

Mahsuda xx

May 26 2019 02:49PM by Alicja Walendziak

Thank you so much for this, I'm so happy you liked my post. I loved the launch and was so happy I could be there to witness it.

All the best
- Alicja

May 26 2019 07:16PM by mahsuda

Thank you for coming Alicja, it was so lovely to read your post the next day. (Keep on writing that novel by the way, it sounds like a good one.) x

Jun 23 2019 07:34AM by Jennifer Jones

When will the book be available on audible so the visually impaired can enjoy it too ?

Jun 23 2019 01:11PM by mahsuda

Hi Jennifer. I'm really excited that I've recently signed a deal with Audible for both 'The Things We Thought We Knew' and 'How to Find Home' - though this was just in the past few weeks so I'm not sure when they'll be available. However, 'How to Find Home' was read on Radio 4 in the past fortnight and is available on thier catch up service - the first episode has 17 more days left. It's an abridged version but they did cracking job. I will put up a post on the website about it now...

Sep 10 2019 07:12PM by mahsuda

Hi Jennifer,

Both of my books are now available to listen to on Audible.

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