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So Some Pretty Awesome Stuff Has Happened...

By Mahsuda, Aug 4 2016 02:06PM

Since my last entry I’ve had some pretty good/life-changing news. After years of slogging at the writing craft, receiving umpteen rejections and a handful of ‘good but not for me’s (as well as a couple of awards along the way) I received the call from my agent telling me I had a book deal. And not any old book deal but a two book deal with the amazing Transworld who have published writing greats such as Joseph Heller, Joanne Harris, Kate Atkinson, Terry Pratchett and Stephen Hawking. Yes, Stephen Hawking.

(This is when I stop typing to take a deep breath and absorb the truth of what I’ve just written. Breath in. Breath out.)

Now this is big news in itself but, as you may have gathered from my last entry, I was 9 months pregnant with my first child when I heard so my quota of ‘life changing events’ immediately shot up to maximum capacity. When the press announcement of the deal coincided with the day I was due to be induced it seemed like a strange type of serendipity/insanity had been cast upon my life.

I’m not going to lie; the birth wasn’t easy. The words ‘12 days overdue’, ‘3rd degree perineal tear’ and ‘short stay in the Maternity High Dependency Unit’ will give you some idea of how it went. But the result was a healthy and ridiculously cute baby girl which was all I could ever have asked for.

And now, three weeks on from the birth, I am…tired. Yes, very tired. Days have lost their names, hours are demarcated with feed times and the ability to eat a whole meal uninterrupted has all but vanished. I’ve barely had any time to think of my other life changing event which probably is a good thing as I no doubt would be daydreaming about book signings and cover art right now which is as helpful to writing as eating a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. Yet still, as I suspected in my blog ‘Giving Up Everything?: Writing and the M Word’(see post below), I’m back at my desk doing what I love doing: writing. My fairly relaxed-as-far-as-babies-go baby is strapped to my chest in a carrier as I type, an activity I thought was just a naïve daydream when I was pregnant. I’ve even somehow had time to talk to my editor about the next stages for the novel before its publication in May next year (breath in, breath out). Although my production rate is going to be slower and I might not be getting back to those emails as quickly as I have in the past I’m starting to think that it was more serendipity than insanity that these two major life events happened so closely together. If you’re going to get a book deal and a have baby you might as well do it in style.

For more information about my novel follow the link below to the Bookseller News.

Until next time, keep creating everyone. You never know where it might lead.

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