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Some Thoughts on Writing...

I tried to give up writing in my early twenties.  I gave it up the way someone might give up biting their nails or eating cream cakes.  I stopped talking about writing, I stopped scribbling ideas down for writing and when writing whispered in my ear I said “No!” in a very assertive and forthright way.   I was going to be sensible, I decided, I was going to be a grown up.  Writing, with all its struggles and rejections, had seriously ticked-me-off and I wasn't prepared to deal with it again until it had given me a formal apology.  


Enough with the fantasising, I thought.  It was time to get serious.


But of course to ask a writer to stop fantasising would be like asking the rain to stop getting your  hair wet or the internet to stop getting so very very big.  Even without a pen in my hand I was still a writer, except of course I was a miserable writer because I wasn’t actually writing.  This is probably true for all people who have a passion.  If you never get to carry out that passion you end up grumpy and hollow.  Think of what it is you love doing, that makes you disappear and lights your face with smiles.  Then do that thing.  As often and as much as you can manage.  Don’t worry too much about the result.  Definitely don’t worry about a financial reward.  Just do that thing because you love doing that thing.  And yes, have your day job and be a grown up and get serious and so-forth and so-forth but most of all have FUN.


As my friend recently said to me, we are Writer Warriors, charge!  Put your fingers on the keyboard, charge.

Mahsuda xx